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Edouard Larpin in London


2010 - 2011 Series

Cass Ethics is a series of video interviews about ethics in business with academic experts and leading practitioners. It is published every two weeks and is hosted by Edouard Larpin, a BSc Business Studies Final Year student at Cass Business School.

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New Zealand wine will be first to list carbon footprint


Zlata Rodionova in London


14th December 2010


Colour, aroma, price, these were the qualities a wine connoisseur would be looking for while buying a bottle of his favourite drink. Now, a New Zealand winemaker is changing the rules and asking customers to consider one more characteristic – carbon emissions by the individual glass serving.

According to the Decanter, each bottle of Mobius Marlborough sauvignon blanc, which takes its name from the highest peak of the range of hills above the town, will display its carbon emissions for a typical 125ml glass.

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Interview with Professor Paul Palmer


Edouard Larpin in London


19th October 2010

In the first of a series of podcasts aimed at developing our understanding of how to apply ethics to business Edouard Larpin meets with Professor Paul Palmer, Associated Dean for Ethics, Sustainability and Engagement at Cass Business School, who presents the role Cass wants to play in applying ethics to education.



How far should a reporter go to report their story?


Zlata Rodionova in London


19th October 2010


A News of the World (NoW) scandal was once again in the centre of attention last week, after City University organized a debate where high-profile journalists and lawyers gathered to answer the question: “How far should a reporter go? The lessons of the News of the World phone-hacking story.”

Surprisingly, Guardian’s Nick Davies who broke the story of NoW hacking affair opened the debate by apologizing to the tabloid and admitting that many papers were guilty of illegal activity but were lucky enough not to get caught.

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